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Indietro Renewables Logistics: End-to-end supply chain management

Power your renewables energy supply chain with seamless, end-to-end logistics solutions and stay ahead of the game with the latest industry solutions.

Sustainability and the transition to clean energy sources have become top priorities in most countries around the world. With many exciting opportunities rising, coupled with a growing solar and wind industry, efficient logistics has become even more important for facilitating the delivery of renewable energy equipment and materials.

In parallel, the solar energy sector is experiencing transformative growth across many countries. Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions facilitate not only the importation and exportation of solar products, but also the consolidation of solar system components to full system supply and their related supply chain complexity.


Adding value to your solar supply chain

Where you might face challenges in the complexity of shipping your solar components, we are equipped with transformative solutions to simplify the whole logistics journey while promising the utmost care and flexibility. Our customised end-to-end solar logistics focuses on:

  • Solar producers
  • OEMs
  • Suppliers – first and second tiers
  • EPCs (Engineering, procurement and construction)
  • Operations for solar residential projects
  • Operations for large scale commercial businesses
  • Operations for capital investments

From shipping your raw materials to the manufacturing stage and getting your solar panels to consumers and businesses, we ensure your products are transported across the world with safe and efficient handling. With our extensive global network and industry expertise, you get to experience seamless end-to-end supply chain management tailored to your needs.

Looking toward a sustainable future

Everything we do is based around safeguarding the environment. We understand the renewable energy sector’s rapid growth poses a continuous need to develop strategies that help maintain the flow of materials while remaining committed to global sustainability goals.

Our promise to a greener future stands as our continuous partnership with customers to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as our carbon-neutral services that aim to lower CO2 emissions through the shipping process. Find out more about our sustainability programme here.

The renewable energy revolution is now. Learn more from our team to explore how we can shape the future of your solar logistics.